Essere Bill Murray (2019) Streaming

Essere Bill Murray Streaming italia film


Qualità: HD/ITA
Durata: 85.min
Genere: Documentario
Attori: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Stephen Tobolowsky, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, Ivan Reitman, Danny Rubin, Laraine Newman, Kelly Leonard

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Bill Murray is considered by many of his fans to be "the coolest man in the world". But how is it that this actor, who for a long time did little more than a few weird performances with strangers and crazy improvisations on TV shows, is now better known than many of his fellow actors with far more impressive filmographies? Although the film "Groundhog Day" was published a quarter of a century ago, the cult surrounding the American improvisational talent has never died down and is now becoming almost irrational. The documentary, peppered with interviews from companions and confidants, follows in Murray's footsteps and tries to fathom where the unique fascination for this man comes from. Starting with the theater in his hometown of Chicago, to the TV shows of the satirical magazine "National Lampoon" and the legendary comedy show "Saturday Night Live" to his checkered film career...